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Enrolling in the SMART program with Jean as my instructor has been inspiring and transformative. I’m truly a happier more relaxed person and am flourishing in my life. The SMART program helped me to become more aware of the unhealthy patterns I had developed in my life that were causing stress and irritability. Now I’m able to truly appreciate the relationships I have and the world around me. I highly recommend this program for all ages. We can all benefit from the power of breath and being truly in the moment.

Kim Rodgers



SMART by Jean Sutherland

"Stress Management and Resiliency Training has been absolutely life changing for me." by Camille Frias.

"The SMART class was extremely beneficial for me. This class taught me a variety of techniques to relax and reset my body.  SMART helped with identifying stress while learning how to cope and adapt along the way.  SMART had such a positive impact on my mental health and well being. I absolutely recommend SMART with Jean.  by Kristin

"I did learn you have to keep pushing yourself and realize life is complicated for everyone. Be kind to others as well as yourself!! Everyone should do this program!!" by Carolyn

Aqua Aerobics/Aqua Core and Strengthening 

"As one who suffers from an autoimmune disease, my joints are painful and stiff. The aqua core class with Shannon is a game changer for me. I am able to do much more than before taking these classes and pain has diminished substantially."

Walking Club

This is great to get outdoors and meet new friends. Falmouth has so many great walking areas.
– Paula on Walking Club


Just what I needed

I was so fortunate to take part in the PART program with Laura. She is such a calming presence and the tools were wonderful. I know I have used them since the program ended and will have them in my mindfulness "toolbox" whenever I start feeling anxious. Take this class. You will not regret it!
– Love Macione on The Positivity and Relaxation Training (PART) Program


Wonderful teacher!

I haven't taken this class specifically but took Qi Gong with Robin and loved it and her! She is a wonderful teacher, plays lots of fun, varied music (she used to be a DJ) and has a funny, supportive personality.
– Ellen Dent on Strength & Conditioning


Great Instructor- Great class

Took the PART classes during the Spring via Zoom. The best thing I have ever done for myself! Laura was the Instructor. I wasn't sure what to expect and was up to try anything to boost my spirits during Covid. Went into the program a bit apprehensive. After the first class I felt great. Laura was incredibly sensitive to all the participants needs and wants. I felt welcomed and ready to grow. I now try each day to take the time for myself and apply what I learned. If I have to say anything that disappointed me about the class it would be that it ended!!
– Carole Kenney on The Positivity and Relaxation Training (PART) Program


Social Security Planning

I took this class last year, and it was very informative. Matt did a great job in going over all aspects of social security and beyond. He was patient, and explained everything numerous times if we didn't understand it. He answered all the questions we asked him, and gave even more information to make it easier to grasp. I would highly recommend this class!

– Venera Cocks on Savvy Social Security Planning: What Baby Boomers Need to Know to Maximize Retirement Income


Great class

Great class for beginners and more experienced wood workers alike. James Brooke is an excellent teacher who shows you how to use all the machines safely and competently. It's a blast to see your project come together, and I've enjoyed getting to know other participants. The Adirondack chairs come out great and the laser engraving of your initials or a simple design adds a classy touch.
– Kate Connolly on Build your own Adirondack Chair - NEW!


Excellent class

Mr Brooks teaches an excellent class in developing confidence in your wood skills. There are people with completely different skill levels in woodworking and Mr Brooks caters his approach to each individual. From beginner to advanced, he adjusts to give each student a rewarding and fun filled experience. I have heard more than one student say that this is the fastest and most enjoyable 3 hours of their week.

– Sean Linehan on Build your own Adirondack Chair - NEW!


Simple and Fun

It is obvious that Caroline loves what she does. She breaks up the learning process into maneagable parts so that it is fun.
– Lianne Carbone on Ukulele for Adults-Beginner - Winter 2020


Amazing experience!

I took the class last session and was very impressed! I had great hands on help & guidance and was able to make a beautiful dress for my daughter (as a beginner sewer). I highly recommend this class, you can’t ask for a better instructor.
– Karen on Sewing for Beginners & Intermediates

Great class, great instructor!

I thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to Qigong last fall. The instructor Robin Sullivan makes the class both fun and challenging. She reminded us often to go at our own pace and stay within our comfort level. The class was a good workout with deep relaxation at the end. I highly recommend it!
– Kerry on Qi Qong


Great class

Great class and super informative. This class was so fun and easy to follow along. The instructor and the others involved were so approachable, helpful and easy to follow. Sadly, I was unable to complete the class due to my crazy schedule. I will definitely retake it and complete my chair. I highly recommend this class. It's great for any level of woodworker. Jenn C.
– Jenn C. on Build your own Adirondack Chair - NEW!


Too much fun!

High intensity, but with modifications, fun class with great music and an awesome instructor!
– Dawn O'Connell on BollyX - A Bollywood Inspired Dance


Good stretching and conditioning

This is the current version of Classical Stretch, a popular PBS show for years, developed by a former ballerina. It is a kind of moving yoga, much easier on the joints and really good for balancing and using small movements to smooth out muscles.
– Kate on Essentrics


Sujata's class is life changing!

I've been taking yoga with Sujata for about 10 years. She's wonderful! She makes sure that you're in the correct position to avoid injuries. She's gentle and kind. I'm in my 60s now and have never felt stronger!
– Julia W. on Yoga for Ongoing Beginners: Forever Beginners With a Joyful Heart


Robin review

Absolutely love this class, is perfect for me and Robin is awesome!
– Renee M Young on Qi Qong


I took the Italian Level 1 and enjoyed myself.

I tooK the Italian Level 1 and enjoyed myself. I am ready to take Level 11. How do I register for the course beginning Wednesday, 1/22/20?
– Lynne Emmons-Boyd on Italian with Marian Averbuch


Made Me Excited About Achieving My Goal

On the first class, Ms Steele asked what were our goals in taking this class. I said, my goal was to get back into writing and not let it get pushed off because I didn't have the time. Ms. Steele, made it quite exciting to grab my pen everyday and just write! That and a weekly assignment, has helped me acheive my goal. Thank you, Ms. Steele!
– Patricia RF Elichalt on Finding the Writer Within


A real find

I thoroughly enjoyed this class taught by Mr Buskey and attended by an enthusiastic group of francophiles. I was not the most advanced student by far but f...

– Barbara lowe on French for Fun


Great course

I thoroughly enjoyed the fall course and will sign up for the winter course. David Buskey is a wonderful instructor - engaging, knowledgeable, a terrific teacher. He tailors his teaching to the ability level of the students in his class and makes it a fun learning experience for all. I highly recommend this class.
– John Collins on French for Fun


Love the game!
Five strangers signed up for a Mah-Jongg class taught by Eda Stepper a year and a half ago. We thought the class was very informative and the teacher an expert! We have played together ever since. We love the game, and have become great friends since the community school brought us together!
– Gail Diotte on Mah Jongg for Beginners

Fun, great cardio workout led by excellent instructor

High intensity workout with motivating music. Donna is fantastic!
– Jennifer O. on BollyX - A Bollywood Inspired Dance


Enjoyable class
So glad you have added Bolly X to your schedule ...have enjoyed learning about dance from a different culture ...excellent workout...met new friends ...the instructor is not only knowledgeable but really does make learning fun! Hope you will keep this course on your upcoming sessions.
– Alana Moore on BollyX - A Bollywood Inspired Dance

Writing Class
Linda Steele is inspiring, fun, encouraging and the class gave me the confidence to put pen to paper. In fact, Linda has a talent for encouraging writing, writing, writing. It's a positive experience, totally non-threatening and gave me the impetus to just go ahead and put pen to paper. Not just that, but take more notice of the world around me. Life experiences are remarkable. Sometimes we fail to notice. Linda taught me to pay attention. What an eye-opener!
– Jan Walbridge on Finding the Writer Within

Marianna Is The Best!
Marianna Averbuch has been teaching Italian to the Falmouth community for over 30 years. The fact that her classes are still going strong and many sold our a...

– Charles LoPresto on Italian I - Beginners


Marian is an excellent teacher. She welcomes input from the students and stands ready to instruct and work through specific issues. Every class is different and includes hands on experience at the computer.

– Phyllis Day on Microsoft Word - Essential Skills


Great painting class

Margaret is a knowledgeable artist and skilled teacher. The students were of varying skill levels, with myself being a first timer. All levels were helped along the way. I really enjoyed the class and hope to take it again with Margaret.
– Jocelyn Croft on Decorative Acrylic Painting


Great class!
Anyone that takes this class would benefit from Maureen's knowledge and years of experience! I have taken this class numerous times and even though I am an experienced sewer, I am always learning new things from her. I highly recommend this class for anyone that wants to learn how to sew or someone that already knows how.
– Mary Belanger on Sewing for Beginners & Intermediates