Aqua Aerobics ~ July 2024
Aqua Aerobics ~ July 2024

Aqua Aerobics ~ July 2024

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Enjoy a fun, low impact workout in the pool while moving to upbeat tunes.  It will begin with a short warm-up to get your body ready to exercise.  Move into cardio with leg kicks, body twists, balancing and dance like movements.   Including aqua dumbbells and noodles in the exercise routine.  Exercise for all muscle groups without stress on our joints.  Shannon is AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Certified.  All adult ages and all levels welcome. Come have fun and move in the water with us!

Pool temp ranges 88-91 degrees.  

Begins Mondays, July 1st @ 8:00am ~ 5 Weeks ~ $65

Begins Mondays, July 1st @ 5:00pm ~ 5 weeks ~ $65

Begins Tuesday, July 9th @ 4:00pm ~ 4 weeks ~ $50

Registration closes on Thursday, 27th for classes that begin July 1st

Registration closes on Wednesday, July 3rd for classes that begin July 9th

Instructor:  Shannon Sylvia

Atria Pool - 339 Gifford Street
Mondays 5:00pm Tuesday 4:00pm 

Mondays 8:00am

In the event of pool mechanical failure and/or pool closings, the Community School cannot be liable for lost class time.

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