Living with a Healthy Heart

$ 79.00

What does it mean to live with a healthy heart? Explore the physiology of the heart and cardiovascular system and learn about foods, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes that can support this important system, both preventavley and working with aspects of imbalance or disease.  Also explore the other layers of the heart.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine the heart is considered "Lord and Sovereign" over all other organs and is considered the residence of your spirit.  In a world where many of our hearts are needing support, we will delve into what tools and practices we can incorporate into our lives to heal and strengthen the heart and let our spirits shine through.

Instructor Lauren Valle is founder and owner of Kinship Herbal and Holistic Healing.

Healing Arts Center
70 East Falmouth Highway
3 weeks
5/3/18, Thursday
5-7 pm


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