Intro to wine
Paul Gentile

Intro to wine

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Our daily loves are irreversibly linked to our electronic devices.  We use our devices to record finances, update social media, do our shopping, pay our bills, track our investments and maybe, more importantly, store our irreplaceable family memories in the form of photos and videos.  It is estimated that the average family has 4 devices, over 30 passwords and uses over 40 internet sites regularly.  Your family uses many devices to access their digital possessions.  Probably each has its own list of passwords, important sites, bookmarks and other information needed to access their digital information.  This could be a problem!  If something happens to you or a loved one, not being able to access their electronic information may cause serious family hardship and financial chaos.  Instructor Paul Gentile will review various methods to organize and protect your digital assets. 

Held on 10/29 Virtual-Zoom. 

Thursday - 3-4 pm - 1 week 

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