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Barre ~ Virtual

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What is Barre class all about?

Barre is a handrail used by ballet dancers to maintain balance while exercising.  Exercises done at a barre help to build and maintain posture & balance and work your range of motion in core, hips, feet and back.

A chair back usually works well (as your barre) for the exercises. 
No mat will be needed.  
No dance experience needed.

This ZOOM class includes set routines to music and work standing at the barre or center floor. It incorporates sequencing patterns and isometric movements that target specific muscle groups to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and posture.  It is considered a low impact workout.

Conducive to all fitness levels.  Bring water. Socks with gripper bottoms, bare feet or dance sandals work well (depending on your floor surface).

Instructor - Liz Saunders, certified Barre Above Instructor & personal trainer.

Classes begin March 18th - 4 weeks
Mondays at 10:30am
Virtual - Online


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