Computing Concepts for Beginners

Computing Concepts for Beginners

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Do you or someone you know understand little to nothing about how to use a computer?  Ever wonder what computer terms like desktop, file, browser and document mean?  What about downloading from the internet and attaching files?  If you are not sure about those terms or think you may want to know more, this course is for you!  Using Microsoft Windows 10, Instructor Marian Bazarian will demystify topics such as: What is Windows and the Windows Desktop, Basic Computer Terminology, Understanding Browsers, Search Engines and Connecting to the Internet.  A basic introduction to word processing and creating a simple Microsoft Word document, as well as attaching files to email will also be covered.  Students will need to bring your own laptops.

Begins April 5th at Lawrence School
113 Lakeview Avenue

Tuesdays - 6-8 pm - 4 weeks $59