Italian with Marian Averbuch

Italian with Marian Averbuch

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Come and discover why these Italian classes have been going on continuously for 30 years and with the same instructor, Marian Averbuch. It is because she has studied Italian at the Gregorian University in Rome? Learning a foreign language is exciting, sociable and excellent for the mind and soul! After one beginner’s course students know a little history, culture and art, read and understand Italian and are even able to “speak a little”.  At the same time students of all ages are meeting their peers and enjoying academia atmosphere!

Come prepare for your next trip or simply enjoy learning basics of a beautiful language.

Italian for Beginners: Level I (Call 508-548-5696 for course location) Begins 1/21.
Tues - 6-8 pm - 8 weeks $99

Italian for Beginners Levels II & III (Call 508-548-5696 for course location) Begins 1/22
Wed - 6-8 pm - 8 weeks $99

Italian for Intermediates Level IV (Call 508-548-5696 for course location) Begins 1/27.
Mon - 11 am - 1 pm - 8 weeks $99

Italian Advanced Level V (Call 508-548-5696 for course location) Begins 1/27.
Mon - 7-9 pm - 8 weeks $99

Please note: Class will be available for registration on September 23, 2019. No purchases available before that date.

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