Intro to Document Management Systems - New!

Intro to Document Management Systems - New!

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Do you (or your business) need a Document Management

Offered by Paul Gentile. Do you suffer from lost documents, is it difficult to find document information?
 Simply stated, a document management system is an automated
business software solution used to organize, secure, store, capture, digitize, retain,
share, search and tag business and/or personal files. Searching can be performed
 down to the word or character level. All document versions can be stored, files can
 easily be shared across the room or world all while utilizing the “Cloud” with 
military-level encryption. With the decreasing cost of technology, these systems are
 now affordable for all. Costs can start as low as $15 per month. Learn how these 
systems can help , how much they cost and their features. 

March 30th via Zoom

7:00-8:00pm (1 week)