S.O.S. of Nutrition

S.O.S. of Nutrition

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In this 2-week class, we’ll design a healthy nutritional lifestyle that focuses on adding
more healing plants to your diet. We’ll build a foundation of foods you enjoy, discover
portions that work for you based on your age, gender, movement, and lifestyle
goals. These classes include a workbook and private 1-on-1 email coaching support for
the duration of class.
 Week 1: Let’s create plant-based meal plans that prevent disease and boost your
immune system! We’ll discuss healthy whole-food substitutions that increase your plant
intake using YOUR current meals. Carbs and fruit aren't the reason 1 in 3 are on the
diabetic scale... nor are beans and butternut squash the reason we're suffering with
digestive issues and weight gain—discover what IS the cause!
 Week 2: We’ll continue Part I by digging into the myth of willpower and discover
how to sustain fat loss and digestion. We’ll also look at your individual daily routine, so
you can include 4 key aspects of wellness, adding nothing to your hectic schedule. This is
a crucial class that discusses how we’ll create an environment for optimal health!  This class is taught by Alicia Randolph-Lucchesi.

Begins February 28th - 2 weeks 

Tuesdays 6:00-7:30 pm Virtual