Forever Young:  Ongoing Yoga for Beginners

Forever Young: Ongoing Yoga for Beginners

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The practice of yoga helps develop greater strength, flexibility and balance on all levels of your being – in body, mind and spirit.  This integrated practice extend beyond the yoga mat to all aspects of your life.  Whether you are just beginning or have taken some yoga classes, this step-by-step process teaches fundamental yoga postures, along with specific alignment, actions and breath awareness.  The wide range of postures can be modified to accommodate individual people’s needs.  Sujata is a certified instructor who has taught yoga in the USA and Europe.  You will need a firm yoga mat, yoga belt (substitute with a scarf or tie) and an upright chair – folding chair if possible.

Begins 9/29 Virtual 
Wednesdays  - 9:45-10:45 - 8 weeks $99

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