Savvy Social Security Planning
Matt Carron

Savvy Social Security Planning

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Savvy Social Security Planning:  What Baby Boomers Need to Know to Maximize Retirement Income.

Senior Wealth Manager Matt Carron of Heritage Financial Services will give an overview of the most often asked questions about Social Security topics, including:  The importance of Social Security in a retirement income plan, Social Security financing.  What's in a trust fund, how long is it expected to last?  Understanding the rules for spousal benefits, divorced-spouse benefits, and survivor benefits.  How to maximize Social Security by coordinating spousal and survivor benefits with a client's own retirement benefits. Social Security scenario planning for couples:  When should each spouse claim benefits?  Strategies for widows and widowers, Social Security and taxes.

Instructor - Matt Carron, Senior Wealth Manager of Heritage Financial Services



Held Virtually on Zoom

September 29th: Wednesday – 6:30-8 pm - 1 week $25

October 27th: Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm  1 week $25

November 17th: Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm  1 week $25



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