Estate Planning Basics - How to Customize your Plan to the Maximum!
Patricia Mello

Estate Planning Basics - How to Customize your Plan to the Maximum!

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Come learn why your current Estate Planning documents are "all set" or "not"!!!  You may just have the perfect estate plan in place or you don't even know where to begin in creating your own estate plan. Attorney Patricia Mello will walk you through what you need to consider and how you may choose the right person or persons to represent you if you are no longer able.  Lastly, what other factors you should take into consideration as there are many "blended families" who have never approached this topic.

During this session we will provide examples of successful blended family choices as well as the folks who did not plan so well for dealing with his or her estate plans keeping this in mind. We'll also discuss the importance of choosing the right health care agent(s), durable powers of attorney, and Personal Representative(s). Also, well over 50% of today's marriages end in divorce, possibly a remarriage, there may be major issues you can avoid by properly choosing the right individual who may even be a third party.

Further, if you are a single individual, do you know why jointly holding your assets (just in case you get sick) is potentially the reason why you may need to declare bankruptcy. Take this course and you'll be ready for the next course being "Understanding Trusts". 

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