Cindie Brennan, CPFT

I am a Certified Fitness Trainer / Instructor who enjoys assisting others on their personal health and wellness journey.  I have had a long term career in Social Services here on Cape Cod while raising four children. I currently work as an Exam Proctor for W.I.T.S,  the Fitness Certification Program conducted at Cape Cod Community College.  I have added to my Certification by taking courses with an additional focus on Senior Fitness specifically. Since March of 2020 I have been leading fitness classes remotely.


My fitness experience includes  leading exercise classes at a non profit exercise studio called  WellStrong.  Membership  is specific to adults recovering from Substance Use Disorder & alcoholism and is located in Falmouth.


I have lead Workshops for teens through the Cape Cod Museum of Arts program.


I have also lead classes at a 55 and over community as well as working as the sole Trainer at a large gym working with a vast population of members.


I enjoy Energy work as well. I am Reiki certified as a Master & Teacher. I hold a certificate in Chair Yoga. Combining the two I have lead Chakra Balancing classes which focuses on shifting energy within ones body to promote a feeling of wellbeing.   


I also enjoy the arts. Specifically painting using pastels, acrylic and oils as a way of working through emotions & expressing creativity. I feel art and exercise are two therapeutic tools when utilized and practiced regularly help to build and balance both emotional and physical strength.


As a Personal Trainer I find great satisfaction in working with others individually working through obstacles to find solutions with the purpose of reaching ones goals to improve overall quality of life.


My passion is in assisting others through exercise to improve, maintain and optimize  a level of health and wellness.

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