Marcia Wagner March 28, 2016 11:30

Marcia Wagner fell in love with yoga in 1975 and has never looked back. Graced with extraordinary teachers, Judy Landecker in Chicago, Patricia Walden in Boston and Betsey Downing in Sarasota, Marcia deepened her respect and knowledge for yoga practice. Throughout the time when she was attending yoga classes, there was always the intention to learn more about yoga — someday. That someday came in 1996 when she retired from full time social work practice and began a month long yoga teacher training program at the Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA. Through the next 10 years Marcia’s teaching was supported with Patricia's knowledge of Iyengar yoga and Betsey's expertise in Anusara yoga. Her yoga studies continued studying with John Friend to achieve the first level Anusara Yoga certification. Through John and Anusara Yoga, she met her current teacher, Paul Mueller-Ortega with whom she now studies and practices eastern philosophy and meditation. Marcia has been teaching yoga since 1996 and enjoys working with all levels of students. The physical practice of yoga can be modified to be valuable for students with a variety of limitations. Teaching yoga for golfers began when she recognized how valuable yoga was to her own golf game. Understanding how to maintain consistent focus, knowing how to calm frayed nerves during competition, knowing where one's body is in space are all useful during golf play. These are practices learned during yoga class as one uses yoga poses to stretch and strengthen the entire body.  Professional golfers have now figured this out as have other professional athletes, and yoga is part of their regular workout regime. Marcia has more recently become interested in working with seniors during yoga class (she admits she is certainly there now) and again modifying the valuable lessons learned in yoga for our aging population. She believes it's never too late to try a yoga class.